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Team Stripes/Referees Page

Welcome to the Grizzly Hockey Referees Page.  Find information about becoming a USA Hockey Referee, the Colorado Amateur Hockey Official's Association and, the local Glenwood Springs scheduler.

USA Hockey Mobile Rule Book App.

Get the free USA Hockey Mobile Rule Book App at your favorite app store.  It's easy to use and provides access to the rule book at the tip of your fingers!

Rules books are published every four years concurrent with rule change years.  Some minor rules revisions or points of emphasis may be issued prior to rule change years.  See the USA Hockey website for detailed information. 

USA Hockey Officials Information and Registration

Click on the link below for ALL the information about, and access to, your successful registration and final certification as a USA Hockey Referee!

LINK to USA Hockey Officials Web Page

Click on this LINK for information about becoming a USA Hockey on-ice official. ALL components necessary for certification are at this USA Hockey website. Register and get started today!

USA Hockey Seminars

USA Hockey seminars are mandatory for ALL certification levels.  You must enroll in a seminar that matches the level for which you register.  Seminars are available throughout the country and in the mountain/western slope region, in-person and online.  (Level 1 seminars are only in-person.) You can take ANY USA Hockey seminar, at any location, appropriate to your level, to fulfill your seminar requirement! Seminar enrollment is on the USA Hockey website. Use the Seminar Search on the USA Hockey website under Officials.  Find a seminar to fit your schedule and enroll today!

See the Brief Summary below for an explanation of the certification process.

Colorado Amateur Hockey Officials Association (CAHOA)

The Colorado Amateur Hockey Officials Association (CAHOA) is one of three officials associations in the state of Colorado.  The Colorado Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA), the Colorado state Affiliate of USA Hockey, requires all officials working in Colorado to be a member of one of the three associations.  CAHOA is generally considered the officials association of the mountain and western slope region.  Member dues are $30.00 annually. 

CAHOA will waive dues for all first-year officials who complete Level 1 certification.  *Check the box in the registration form 

CAHOA will waive dues for officials 18U who complete certification of any level.   *Check the box in the registration form

CAHOA offers the Toby Gard Scholarship for graduating High School seniors who have been active in CAHOA and their communities as USA Hockey referees.

* This form must printed, filled out, and mailed to the mailing address with a check enclosed.  CAHOA is working on alternate payment methods, but for now, this is it.

Colorado High School Officials Association (CHOA)

The Colorado High School Officials Association (CHOA), is the officials association that represents officials in Colorado working the games for the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA).  CHSAA ice hockey teams play under the rules of the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS).  

For information about working the CHSAA league, please contact Hamilton Tharp or Josh Pulliam at their contacts below. 

Local Contacts

For more information on officiating in the Glenwood Springs/Roaring Fork Valley area, please contact:

Josh Pulliam

'23-'24 Official's Scheduler for Glenwood Springs Youth Hockey & Aspen Junior Hockey

Phone: 970-987-2067

Hamilton Tharp

Local Supervisor of Officials

Phone: 970-618-1247

Horizon WebRef

Schedulers in the CAHOA association can be identified and found on Horizon WebRef.  Log in with your account and click on Members Directory and change Displaying Directory options to:  "Schedulers".

A Brief Summary of the Certification Process

  1. Register with USA Hockey as an Official.  This registration is in addition to your registration as a player/coach or volunteer.
  2. Enroll in the seminar appropriate to your level.
  3. Complete your USA Hockey Account to get access to your Profile information.  (Your Profile will indicate your registration status; completed and missing components)
  4. You will receive a rule book in the mail.  (USA Hockey also has a rule book app.)  You will also be allowed online access to your open-book test and your video modules.
  5. Complete the online video modules and open-book test.  (Level 1  candidates will complete 90% of the modules just by attending the level 1 seminar).
  6. Once ALL required components are complete you will receive your certification card and current-season crest in the mail.
  7. For a nominal fee,  join the Colorado Amateur Hockey Official's Association (CAHOA).  Membership will get you access to the Horizon WebRef program which ALL schedulers use to schedule officials.  Membership in the association is mandatory.
  8. Introduce yourself to the local schedulers in the valley to get started on your first games!
  9. USA Hockey certification will make you eligible to work both youth games and adult games.  Adult leagues are run by various recreation departments and the employment qualifications/requirements vary.

Referees Visiting Glenwood Springs

Welcome!  Our local officials always enjoy working with officials from around the world.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Josh or Ham (contacts above). 

The Glenwood Springs Recreation  Center ice rink is a semi-outdoor facility.  The facility was approved by CHSAA for Colorado state high school competition because programming at the facility is consistent throughout the season, uninterrupted by weather events.  But, the interior temperature of the rink is the same as the temperature outside!

The Official's locker room is located through the door at the back of the lobby, and access to the ice surface is accommodated by a door separate from the lobby.